Tutorial how to create an icon set

Step 1.

Open ICONSFLOW’s editor. Click “Create Amazing Icons!”

Step 2.

Add icons to your set. Choose icons form “Categories” or find them using the Search bar.

Step 3.

Select icon style. Simply click the background you prefer. You can also delete the default icon.

Step 4.

Create your own style. You can change the look simply by recoloring the icon. Use “random color” button and click it a few times. Alternatively, you can change their fill colors manually.

Step 5.

Click the plus or minus button to scale your icon shapes.

Step 6.

Let’s add shadow effect. Switch on “Drop Shadow” effect and click “Settings” button. Apply the following settings:
Distance: 3
Angle: 90
Blur: 2
Color: #000000

Step 7.

Apply the right size for your icon set. If you are a free user, your fixed icon size will be 32 px.

Step 8.

Download your Icon Set. Click the “Save and Download Icons” button.